Real, Good Food.

Beautifull provides tasty, healthy and convenient food prepared fresh, natural and whole.

Then we bring it to your home or office. Enjoy.

Food That Loves You Back

Your food is prepared from the best ingredients, free of hormones, steroids, or antibiotics.


Dynamic, Evolving Menu

Our menu changes regularly based on local produce in season, weather, and culinary trends.

Current Featured Dishes:

Yellow Indian Tofu Curry

Organic tofu in a yellow curry sauce with carrots, potatoes, onions, chickpeas, ginger, garlic, coconut milk

Garlic Green Bean Salad

Fresh-farmed green beans with organic garlic, lemon infused olive oil, and red chile flakes; a seasonal favorite

Petite Filet Meal

Grass-fed, natural, hormone free petite filet from Harris Ranch, delivered daily

Fresh from the farm to your door!

All our meat and produce is delivered and prepared fresh daily from local farms where they are grown and raised in an environmentally sustainable manner. We only serve humanely raised meat and poultry, free from steroids, antibiotics, and hormones.

Beautifull Catering

We offer extraordinary cuisine and exceptional service for dinner parties and events, working lunches, and more.

best of ez-cater

“I love the food at Beautifull, especially their polenta baked fries and the ratatouille. Delicious, healthy food that’s reasonably priced, and delivered fast and hot to your door! I can’t wait to try more dishes.”
–Mayhem Maihien, San Francisco

“This place is amazing especially for a fast food eater like me. I’m always on the go and not much of a cook, so fast food has always been my solution. Now Beautifull has changed my idea and taste towards healthy fast food. Eat there or take a pre-pack container. The year that Beautifull has been in business, I have eaten everything off this menu. The carrot ginger soup wraps a soothing blanket round you from the chill fog. The turkey chili is protein packed but doesn’t give you food coma. The place is always clean; the staff is friendly, and its fast…”

–Rebecca O., San Francisco

“We just started using Beautifull for office delivery and have been extremely happy! It’s rare that our staff or clients actually comment on lunch, but each time we’ve had Beautifull we get a least a few comments about how wonderful the food was. One of our clients even asked for a card so they could order for themselves! Ordering is ridiculously easy and convenient for our administrative group which is an extra bonus.”

–Andy S., San Francisco

“This is probably the best restaurant I’ve ever ordered from… The food is organic, homemade- yummy and you can tell you are actually eating what you ordered! The tomato soup-even though I don’t like tomato soup-was to DIE for. I will order from here for now on just for the tomato soup. I go the half sandwich/half soup combo. The turkey pesto sandwich was delish and I also got the Chinese chicken salad. This place is also eco-friendly–the salad dressing was in these sweet little cardboard containers. Definitely try this place out if you want your money’s worth!!!”

–Loubna, San Francisco

“Finally! Healthy food that I can get on those busy nights after work. It was extremely helpful to grab dinner for my kids between rushing them to dance, soccer and baseball. The healthy whole wheat mac n cheese was a hit. I also brought dinner to my 70+ parents and my mom loved the tea smoked salmon and dad enjoyed the chicken curry.”

–James S., San Francisco

“The beautiful thing about this restaurant is that you don’t have to ask: “What’s in it?” because every dish is made with the best possible ingredients, across the board. It’s unlikely you are eating this healthy cooking at home. Finally, a meal you can forget to worry about and just enjoy….”

Cynthia, San Francisco

We set out to create a new kind of food company that makes real food. We began by assembling an exceptional team. We found the best and brightest culinary professionals, each with a passion for enjoying food, being healthy, and living life to the fullest.


Feel Like Stepping Out?

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